Our Mission

Here at Help4Kids, our mission is to support Australian children affected by illness or injury, working in conjunction with Australian hospitals, medical facilities and registered charities. Help4Kids aims to help purchase vital diagnostic devices, treatment equipment, and medical aids to help healthcare workers provide the best care for Australian children. By identifying the critical needs and assisting in fulfilling the requirements, we hope Help4Kids can play a pivotal part in improving sick children’s lives.

Help4Kids’ ongoing goals are to:

Kids Charity

Our focus is helping any kids charity achieve their goals.

Charity Fundraising

At Help For Kids, charity fundraising is our bread and butter.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the core of any charity.

About Us

Help4Kids is a registered Australian charity prioritising children with illness or injury. We are a Queensland-based organisation that will continue to work closely with hospitals, medical centres and local charities to help address insufficiencies. Our community-focused team continuously finds ways to support children in overcoming the challenges confronting them and hoping we can bring hope to their lives. 

Helping hospitals, helping kids

Hospitals around Australia are an essential healthcare service that delivers care and treatment to the many children requiring attention. All funds raised will help ease the strain on hospital resources and help save our future generations’ lives by assisting them to obtain the equipment they desperately need. Hospitals around Australia need your donations to assist with paediatric emergency and speciality services.

Paediatric specialty services may include:

Queensland Hospitals

Children’s hospitals in Queensland are the leading medical providers for sick children. With a high volume of patients admitted daily, the demand for medical equipment and funding is substantial. With strong general paediatric care departments that provide highly specialised care, children’s hospitals need continuous support to continue their valuable work.

Australian Hospitals

With a national view, we hope to help hospitals and medical centres around Australia. With a clear understanding that many hospitals around the country require additional equipment and assistance, Help4Kids is continuously making connections in the healthcare industry to make sure we can impact wherever needed.

Supporting Australian Charities

There are many subtypes of Australian charities, and children’s charities can fall into several different categories. A children charity may focus on advancing health by providing support and services for the affected child and their family. Others may focus on offering education and providing programs suited to sick children who need to be absent from their schooling.

Some charities have a heavy focus on learning and education for disadvantaged children. Other charities focus on advancing social and public welfare, including providing accommodation and meal services and support for those with disabilities.

Stronger Together

At Help 4 Kids, we aim to work closely with these organisations to keep informed on what is needed to help Australian children. Charities often supply public information surrounding particular diseases or illnesses and use funds to develop cures or treatments and provide equipment to those in need. This allows us to ensure we are putting our services and energy into the right areas to ensure all funds are used wisely.

Critical Equipment

Australian hospitals spend millions of dollars each year upgrading and maintaining critical equipment. A primary focus of Help4Kids is finding initiatives that will help support children’s hospitals acquire the best equipment to care for the most precious people in our community – sick children. 

Supply and maintenance of critical equipment are the top priorities for hospitals catering to children to ensure top-level care to patients. While upgrading equipment is vital, there is also the need to service and maintain the existing units. Failure to have critical equipment in the best working order will impair treatment and present dangers to our children.

Examples of critical-care equipment include:

  • Life-support equipment – ventilators
  • Resuscitation equipment – defibrillators
  • Mission-critical equipment – CT scanners
  • Dialysis systems and sterilisers
  • Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machines
  • Portable suction units
  • Trilogy Ventilators

Serving A Purpose

All critical-care equipment serves a specific purpose. For children with hypoventilation syndromes, a BiPAP machine needs specialised equipment to support breathing throughout the day and overnight.

A portable Trilogy ventilator can record a year of data and allows physicians to have a full view of a child’s breathing patterns and can maintain the best therapy. The latest models can weigh less than 5kg, run on internal and detachable batteries, and provide up to eight hours of autonomy.

Expensive Medical Care

Costs of this equipment are expensive. A BiPAP can cost families and hospitals about $14,000, whereas $7000 will secure a new Trilogy ventilator. The cost quickly becomes astronomical when the hospital’s requirement of multiple units; hence the regular charity drives by children’s hospitals to secure much-needed funds. As a community, we should spare no cost to ensure all equipment is maintained, another expense to add to the hospital’s expenses.

Fighting Children's Illness

At Help4Kids, we have identified the importance of providing support to sick children in Australia. Like other leading Australian charities, we are dedicated to finding ways to improve others’ lives who may be doing it tough. Some sick children will require aids and equipment to help them recover, and our mission is to identify immediate needs and fund these products. As hundreds of Australian charities support our community, we are committed to joining in and making a difference.

Chronic conditions in children:

  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Depression
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Mental Health

Another major issue Help4Kids has noticed is anxiety-related and psychological development problems for children under 14. Funding for research and awareness is a significant issue. It is another avenue that Help4Kids focuses on to reduce the strain on our public health systems by channelling donations into these areas.

Childhood Cancer

Approximately 1000 Australian children per year are diagnosed with a form of cancer, with the primary age of diagnosis falling into the 0-4 years bracket. Help4Kids looks to provide funds for life-saving equipment and essential treatments for children under the age of 15 affected by cancer to give them the best chance of survival. 

The avenues to support

Help4Kids uses various ways to raise crucial funds, and you can get involved in many ways to help. Whether it be going out into your community with a collection bucket, attending one of our fundraising days or supporting us with administration and finances in the office, we will be very appreciative of your time. 

Maybe you can help raise funds by participating in door-knock appeals or street collections and participating in our annual Help4Kids day. Businesses can also become corporate partners or display our collection buckets in high foot traffic areas all year round.

Different ways to help raise funds for charity:

  • Local business partnerships
  • Raffles
  • Chocolate and bake sales
  • Collection tins
  • Garage sales
  • Crowdfunding challenge


At Help4Kids, charity fundraising is our bread and butter. Whether we are raising money to help a specific charity reach its goal, organising fundraisers for research or vital equipment, or getting donations for a hospital department in need, our purpose of helping children with illness or injury does not change.

Fundraising can also be made fun for all ages by utilising raffles, games and running competitions. Market days featuring bake sales and sausage sizzles are all easy and popular ways charities tend to raise money in Australia.


Help 4 Kids offers a range of payment plans suitable for both individual and business donations. Whether you want to make a one-time donation or set up a regular deposit – we can help you. Individual parties can donate with just a click of a button. 

Businesses are also more than welcome to one-time donations, but we would recommend setting up a regular deposit or becoming a corporate partner. Contact us for more information on how we can form a partnership and help others together. If you have ever thought to donate to charity, with more vulnerable children than ever need your help, now is the time.

Leave a bequest

Many have included charitable bequests in their wills because they trust that we will continue the excellent work of the charity they have been supporting. A charity campaign showed more than three times as many Australians would be willing to leave a bequest to charity if the option was at the forefront of their minds when planning their estate. At Help4Kids, we allow you to leave a bequest.

Corporate sponsorships

Help4Kids offer an option for your company to get involved by becoming a corporate ally as a sponsor. From a charity perspective, corporate allies can significantly boost fundraising, and it’s a great way for your business to give back to the community. With both sides supporting each other, we find effective ways to help those in need with financial assistance, goods and services or extra resources. 

If becoming a corporate ally is something you are interested in, contact Help4Kids to discuss a partnership agreement. Through this, we will outline our aims and your role and responsibilities as a partner. The Help 4 Kids logo will also be available for use by all of our corporate partners.


We offer the option of becoming a regular volunteer, which is a great way to give back to those in need. You can also make new friends and keep active. If you have some free time and want to spend it doing something of value that gives back to the community, this may be perfect for you.

We offer many different roles for volunteers that can be matched to your skills. Help is always needed and appreciated for tasks big and small, including:

  • Making and taking phone calls
  • Hanging up flyers 
  • Distributing collection buckets
  • Administrative and accounts support
  • Graphic design, social media and marketing
  • One-off mass fundraising events

Become a Help4Kids volunteer

Like most charities, Help4Kids could not run without valuable volunteers. Our volunteers are the core of our charity. We believe that the work they do can ultimately save a life.

Our hardworking team at Help4Kids rely on dedicated volunteers to help us raise valuable funds. We are nothing without our team of volunteers, and while joining our team takes dedication, we think you will find it extremely rewarding.

Get involved today

Get involved with Help4Kids today, and together we can provide the aids and equipment these children need. Our mission is to identify immediate needs, fund the products and support our community, and with your assistance, we are committed to joining in and making a significant difference.

Help4Kids wants you to get involved and assist our Australian charitable organisation in helping others in need. We join the line of Australian charities that ensure every dollar will absolutely make a difference to thousands of children around Australia affected by illness and injury.

We need your help - support Help4Kids today

Our amazing healthcare workers and these children need your help. Your involvement and donations will greatly assist both to make a real difference.  At Help4Kids, we have seen the difference it can make when people get involved in supporting sick children in Australia, and improving their lives is a worthwhile channel for your energy and resources. 

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